Water Gel Blanket

Water Gel Blanket

“AGNI KAVACH” brand indigenous Water gel blanket is a combination of therapeutic gel that is non-toxic, bactericidal, water soluble and biodegradable and 100% woollen blanket. The woollen blanket is capable of retaining gel up to 13 times of its own weight. The gel used in this blanket is made of herbal and natural products. The water gel blanket is packed in good quality canister.

This AGNI KAVACH blanket is tested at NBCD School, INS Shivaji, Lonavala, Indian Navy and approved by Indian Navy, Ministry of Defence – New Delhi.

For ONGC this blanket was tested at National Test House and SGS for 1500 °C successfully.

1) Rescuing the person trapped in fire by wrapping the blanket.
2) Extinguishes fire.
3) Gel on the blanket starts healing the burn wounds of the victim.
4) In case of emergencies, can also be used to handle hot metals.
5) Heat Resistance - Temperature: 1500±5°C

Certifications & Approvals
Water Gel Blanket is approved by INDIAN NAVY.
• Each batch of blanket is sterilized from BARC – Government of India – Department of Atomic Energy. This certificate is issued with every set of blankets.

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