Aluminised Fire Proximity Suit


Hicare Safety Solutions leading manufacturer and exporter of Aluminized Fire Proximity Suits based in Mumbai, India.

Being reputed manufacturer & supplier of ALUMASTER Aluminized Fire Suit is a specialized piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to provide maximum protection for firefighters, industrial workers, and emergency responders when dealing with intense heat, flames, and radiant heat hazards. Aluminised Heat Resistance Suit are engineered with advanced materials and construction techniques to ensure the wearer's safety and comfort in high-temperature environments.

We are also export the ALUMASTER Aluminsed Suit to the different countries.

We offer various design in Aluminized fire suits for different industrial needs and applications. Being Aluminized Fire Proximity Suits  Suppliers, we offer the following kinds of Aluminized Fire Safety Suits which is available in multilayer like 2 Layer, 3 Layer & 4 layer.

Hi-Care Safety Solutions Provide Best Design And Features As Per Following Specifications.

Outer Shell Made out of imported aluminized glass fibre fabrics reflect 95% radiant heat.
Middle Layer Woven Inherent Flame Resistance Fabric.
Inner Layer: Neoprene quoted Fabric as vapour barrier for water proof performance.
Inner Layer: 100% Cotton FR Fabric certified to EN ISO 11612 , A1, B1, C1, C4.
Fabric Construction : 440 GSM 
Suit Consist Jacket & Trouser, Hood with Visor, Five figure Hand Gloves, Boots.

Design And Features
• Jacket with FR zipper concealed by Flap outer shell with Velcro provision for extra protection.
• Trouser with elastic on waist & adjustable FR suspender.
• Hood With Visor Fireman Helmet as per IS-2745.
• Gloves with woollen & FR lining and insulation.
• Shoes with Superior quality Neoprene sole with oil skid and heat resistance
• The entire garment is stitched with mechanically strong aramid thread confirming to EN 388, EN 407 thread.
• Size: Free size allowing one size to fit all

Testing Standard : EN ISO 11612 -A1, B1,C1, C4
Temperature Of Aluminised Suit : Radiant Heat 600 to 800 °C

Applications of Aluminized Fire Proximity Suits:
Firefighting : Our suits are specifically designed to protect firefighters from the intense heat and flames they encounter in the line of duty, enabling them to focus on saving lives and property.
Industrial Safety : Workers in industries with high-temperature processes, such as foundries, steel mills, and chemical plants, can rely on our suits to shield them from potential hazards.
Emergency Response : From hazardous material handling to search and rescue missions, our suits provide crucial protection for emergency responders facing challenging scenarios.