Aramid Sleeves

Aramid Sleeves

We Hi-Care Safety Solutions are leading manufacturer of Aramid Sleeves in India, Mumbai. as well as exporting to the different countries.

Aramid Sleeves resist abrasion, but the primary motivation for using the fibre is its strong heat resistance. In addition to flame-resistance, protective equipment made of aramid knitted Fabric also offer cut resistance.

Sleeves constructed of para-aramid fibres are frequently used in factories, foundries, and other industries where workers are subjected to extremely high temperatures, open flames, and other jobs requiring flame-resistant PPE.

Construction 2 ply
Sizes 18
Size Available 24” x 36”, 24” x 48”, or can be customize as per requirement
Features • Para-aramid fibres in the knit of the sleeve provide cut level 3 Cut resistance
• Thumbhole prevents slipping and wrist exposure
• Gives increased protection from cuts, slash, tear and certain puncture
Application Aerospace, Automotive, Glass, Manufacturing, Paperand pulp, Plastics, Steel & Metals
Testing and certified As per Certifications • Burning Behaviour as per 6941/EN407
• Contact Heat as per EN 702
• Convective Heat as per 367
• Radiant Heat as per EN ISO 6942:2002

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