Arc Flash Suit 40 Cal

ARC Flash Suit 40 Cal

Arc Defence™ by Hicare Protectivewear light weight Arc Flash Protection , introducing advance light weight, breathable 40 Cal Arc flash suits are personal protective garments (PPE) designed to protect individuals working with electrical panels.

When an electrical current crosses an air gap and travels to a different conductor, it causes an arc flash. Considering this, it is evident that any place where there is a possibility for the electrical current to escape can experience an arc flash. Electrical workers must wear arc flash suits, which are full-body protective clothes, to shield them from the heat and energy emitted during an arc flash.

Be sure to choose an arc flash suit When working with electrical equipment or in high arc-risk environments, use only an arc flash suit that meets these ratings.

This helps to give the user an extra second of protection in order to avoid a secondary explosion or flash in the working area.

A wearer can use Arc Flash Sui t while working in Transmission Line Maintainance and LT & HT Panel Maintainance. A 40 Cal Arc Flash Suit is recommended to use for 33 KV maintaince Application.

Specification of Arc Flash Suit:
• Multi-layer Inherent arc flash Resistance Fabric 500 GSM.
• Garment made of Inherent arc flash resistance fabric along with the zip & velcro closure and covered with flap.
• Trouser have provision of zipper closure.
• Elasticized side waistband for a better fit & Comfort.
• Sleeve cuffs have adjustable straps with Velcro closure
• Class E Helmet along with the 40-cal rated visor ASTM F 2178 -12
• For high visibility, FR reflective tape applied across the
• shoulder, sleeves, and bottom.
• Throughout the garment's manufacturing, FR thread is employed.
• Various designs and patterns are available to meet your needs.

Features of Arc Flash Suit:
• Provides protection against an ARC Flash's Hazard.
• Full Body Protection
• Comfortable to the user
• The FR Properties will remain constant till the last washing cycle.
• Sewn with FR thread

Arc Flash safety Kit Content: Jacket & Trouser, Class E Helmet with Paulson Face Shield, Fabric Gloves and Storage Bag.

How to clean Arc Flash Suit
To ensure the highest level of protection, the PPE should be kept dry and clean. The following washing instructions are for the fabric part of personal protective equipment (PPE), which should be separated from the shield and hard hat assembly before washing. The face shield should be unfastened and removed prior to cleaning in an ultrasonic bath or with mild soapy lukewarm water. Dry with cleaning paper or lint free cloth.

• The PPE should not be washed in temperatures over 60 ° .
• Tumble dry at normal temperature.
• Do not use chlorine bleaches or detergents containing sodium hypo chloride
• This garment should be washed separately from other fabrics and garments.
• Warm water and wild detergent are recommended.

Tested & Certificate
• EN ISO 11612
• EN 1149
• EN IEC - 61482 -1
• ASTM 1506
• ASTM 1959
• ASTM 2621
• NFPA 70 E
ARC Flash Suit 8 Cal

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