Electric Arc Flash Suit 40 Cal

ARC Flash Suit 40 Cal

Hi Care Safety solutions is leading Manufacturer of arc flash suit based in India. We manufacture arc flash suit from 8 cal to 100Cal. Arc flash suits are full-body protective garments required for electrical workers to protect them from the heat and energy released during an arc flash.

An Arc Flash is the light and heat produced as part of an Arc Fault , a type of electrical explosion  or discharge that results from a connection through air to ground or another voltage phase in an electrical system while doing maintenance work. 40 Cal Arc flash suits are personal protective garments (PPE) designed to protect individuals working with electrical panels. suits are specially made protective clothing that satisfies essential PPE requirements established by the National Fire Protection Association. Be sure to use an arc flash suit When working with electrical equipment or in high arc-risk environments, use only an arc flash suit that meets these ratings. This helps to give the user an extra second of protection in order to avoid a secondary explosion or flash in the working area. We are Arc flash Supplier as per approved international standards for arc flash protective garments.

We are supplying arc flash garments to many reputed industries. The Arc Flash Clothing complies with EN ISO 11612: 2015 Protective Clothing - Clothing for Heat and Flame Protection. The specific performance levels of the garments are listed on the product label. Arc Flash suit standard is IEC 61482-1-1 – Live working – Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc. ASTM 1959 Standard NFPA 70E

The Arc Flash suit Manufacturer by Hi Care Safety Solutions as per following Specifications.

Material Composition Inherent Flame Resistance Fabric
Design & Features 1) Jacket with open end Velcro and flap closure.
2) Elasticized side waistband for a better fit & Comfort.
3) Sleeve cuffs have adjustable straps with Velcro closure
4) MSA Helmet along with the 40-cal rated visor.
5) Throughout the garment's manufacturing, FR thread is employed.
6) Various designs and patterns are available to meet your needs.
Kit Content Jacket & Trouser, Class E Helmet with Face Shield, Fabric Gloves and Storage Bag.
Application: Transmission Line Maintainance
LT & HT Panel Maintainance
Electricians for workwear
Tested/Certification IEC 61482-2
ASTM 1959

ARC Flash Suit 8 Cal

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