Arc Flash Suit 75 Cal

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Arc Defence™ by Hicare Protectivewear light weight Arc Flash Protection Suit, manufacturer & Exporter based in Mumbai, India.

An arc flash occurs when the electrical current flows outside its intended path, through an air gap, to another conductor . With this in mind, you can see that an arc flash can occur anywhere that the electrical current has a chance to escape An Arc Flash Suit is a specialized piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to protect electrical workers and technicians from the hazards of an arc flash incident. An arc flash is a sudden release of electrical energy that occurs when there is a fault in an electrical system, resulting in an electric arc. This arc produces intense heat and light, as well as a blast of pressure and sound waves.

We also export the Arc Flash Protection Kit to many reputed exporter. The suits are assigned an Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) or Energy Breakopen Threshold (EBT) rating, which indicates the level of protection the suit provides against arc flash incidents Arc Flash Suit 75 Cal, suggested to use for HRC 4 category

We are a leading supplier of Arc Flash Suits, producing high-quality products that provide wearers with great comfort and feasibility. As a top manufacturer of arc flash suits, we produce excellent products that are very comfortable and practical for users. Arc Flash Suit 75 Cal, suggested to use for HRC 4 category can be recommended to use for application.

This helps to give the user an extra second of protection in order to avoid a secondary explosion or flash in the working area.

Technical specification for Arc Flash Suit 75 Cal

Multi-layer Inherent arc flash Resistance Fabric 600 GSM.

Design 1) Garment made of multilayer Inherent arc flash resistance fabric along with the zip & velcro closure and covered with flap.
2) Trouser have provision of zipper closure.
3) Elasticized side waistband for a better fit & Comfort.
4) Sleeve cuffs have adjustable straps with Velcro closure
5) Class E Helmet along with the 100-cal rated visor ASTM F 2178 -12
6) For high visibility, FR reflective tape applied across the
7) shoulder, sleeves, and bottom.
8) Throughout the garment's manufacturing, FR thread is employed.
9) Various designs and patterns are available to meet your needs.
Arc Flash safety Kit Content: Jacket & Trouser, Class E Helmet with Paulson Face Shield, Fabric Gloves and Storage Bag.
Features • Provides protection against an ARC Flashes Hazard.
• Full Body Protection
• Comfortable to the user
• The FR Properties will remain constant till the last washing cycle.
• Sewn with FR thread
Applications • Transmission Line Maintainance
• LT and HT Panel Maintainance
• Electricians for workwear
• Power Generation units
• Utilities, and maintenance
Tested/Certification EN IEC - 61482 -1
ASTM 1959
ASTM 1506
ASTM 2621
ASTM 2178-12

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