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We, Hicare Safety Solution , are a major manufacturer and exporter of Cryogenic Apron located in Mumbai, India.

Cryogenic aprons are intended to guard against extremely cold temperatures and cryogenic liquids . They are designed with cutting-edge waterproof materials that provide splash protection and durability. These aprons are utilized in a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, medical, industrial, and food industries. They are intended to protect the body and legs from liquid nitrogen spills and splashes while filling, pouring, or operating cryogenic equipment. The Cryogenic Apron are comfortable, flexible, and lightweight, but they are not suited for immersion in liquid nitrogen or other cryogenic liquids.

Cryogenic aprons can be used to dispense or transfer cryogenic liquids handling cryogenic samples, and protection from cryogenic gas sprays.

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Specification of Cryogenic Apron
• Outer Layer : The Cryogenic Apron is made of woven polyamide and has a waterproof coating to withstand condensation on cold surfaces. Composite materials with exceptional resistance: These materials are coated on a unique cloth for protection against the the liquid nitrogen and other cryogenic materials
• Middle Layer : Special Polyolefin/Polyester Micro Fibre.
• Inner layer : Polyester for comfortable wear.

Cryogenic Apron Test Level Standard:
• Abrasion Resistance - 1 As Per En 388:2016.
• Cut Resistance (Tdm)- X As Per En388:2016.
• Tear Resistance - 3 As Per En 388:2016.
• Puncture Resistance - X As Per En 388:2016.
• Flexibility - Pass as Per En511:2006.
• Water Penetration - X As Per En11: 2006.
• Extreme Cold Flexibility - Pass as Per En511:2006.
• Convective Cold - 2 As Per EN 511:2006.
• Contact Cold - 2 As Per EN 511:2006.
• Water Penetration 162-196 KPA EN 20811:2018

Features of Cryogenic Apron
These features make cryogenic Aprons an essential instrument for assuring worker safety in industries such as aerospace, medical, and food processing, where cryogenic materials are commonly used. Cryogenic Aprons are specialized protective garments meant to protect those who are working in extremely cold locations or handling very cold substances like liquid nitrogen. cryogenic aprons have the following features:

• Multi-layered materials: Typically composed of specialized insulating fabrics and vapor barriers
• Cryogenic apron temperature range : Designed to protect against temperatures ranging from -120 °C to 190 °C , safeguarding individuals from the hazards of working with cryogenic substances.
• Ergonomic Design : Ensures ease of movement and flexibility in various work condition.
• Certification : Many cryogenic aprons meet industry standards such as EN 511, EN 388, EN ISO 13688:2013, ensuring their quality and safety.