Fibreglass Fire Blanket

Fibreglass Fire Blanket

Hicare Safety Solutions is leading manufacturer & Exporter of Fibreglass Fire Blanket based in India, Mumbai.

Fibreglass Fire Blanket that can be used for to suppress the aggravation of fire across mills, factories, and corporate houses and protect wearers against heat, environment. Being a reputed Manufacturer and supplier of Fire Blanket that adhere to the topmost quality standards. During a fire emergency, these blankets come to the rescue application.

You can save consistently when your fire security framework is free. With a fast response to an outfit fire, a person from your staff could save an every day presence. On the off chance that you are a specialist, and you don't have the foggiest idea where your stuff is found, demand that your chief make each Fibreglass Fire Blanket expeditiously available. According to Australian workplace standards, your chief is resolved to outfit you with strong affirmation and danger the board equipment.

• Made From 100% fibreglass fabric, stitched with Aramid thread
• High temperature resistant Up to 500°C, Thickness: 0.43 MM to 1.5 MM, Weight: 440 g/m2
• Regular Size: 1MTR*2 MTR and 2MTR X 2 MTR and Different size can be customized as per requirement
• Testing and certification As per ASTM D 3776 IS1969, IS11871

Usage of Fire Blanket
First, remove the fire safety blanket from the pouch. Then, lay it on top of the area on fire. This cuts of the oxygen and extinguishes the fire.

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