Fire Fighter Boots

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We Hi Care Safety leading supplier of Fire Fighter Boots in India, as well as exporting to the different countries. Being supplier of Fire Fighter Boots, our goal is always to supply quality of garments and wearer should be work in a good comfort

These fire fighter boots are frequently used in factories, foundries, and other industries where workers are subjected to extremely high temperature

• Fully waterproof, hand-built rubber structural firefighters’ boot.
• Standard Type 2 structural firefighting boot.
• Specially formulated upper compound provides protection against heat and flame whilst also maintaining excellent physical properties.
• The abrasion resistant outsole is resistant fuel oil as well as heat and flame.

Product Features

Colour Black/Yellow
Construction Vulcanised rubber
Fit Medium/wide
Upper Material Flame and heat resistant rubber
Lining Material Hard-wearing cotton canvas
Outsole Material Flame, heat and oil resistant rubber
Outsole Design Versatile Commando pattern
Safety Toe Cap Wide, Comfort Form steel toe cap
Penetration Resistance Strong, steel anti-penetration plate
Slip Resistance SRC
Heat Insulation HI2
Other Features • Easy grip pull-on handles
• Toe scuff guard
• Rigid heel stiffener
• Moulded comfort footbed
Standards EN 15090:2012 Type 2
EN ISO 20345:2011 E, P, HI2, HRO, SRC
Electrically Insulating
Certificate No CE 715880
CE 715873

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