Hot Oil Steam Splash Suit


"Steamsafe" Hot oil Steam Splash suit manufacturer by Hicare Protectivewear are ideal for this application like chemical industries, oil Gas and pressure steam application since they are made of tested fabrics that protect against heat and lightweight to use for comfortable to wear and work in.

We are exporter of Steam Splash Hot Oil Suit made of multi-layered garment constructed of NCM quoted material.

"Hicare"; Hot Oil / Steam Splash Suit is created as either a one-piece suit or a Coat and trouser, design that is used to protect the wearer from intense heat, fire wave, or steam at high pressure surges.

Being Steam Splash Hot Oil Suit manufacturer , we are supplying the garment to many industries like Cement Industries, Oil Gas, Refinery,Chemical Plant, Power Plant, Power Generation Unit etc.

Design Of Hot Oil Suit
The Steam Splash Hoi Oil Suit consists Coat & Pant, Hood with Polycarbonate Visor Gloves & Shoe Cover

• The coat is designed to offer maximum protection with limited discomfort to the user.
• The coat is provided with front zip fastening arrangement with overlapping flap with Velcro.
• The sleeves of the coat are provided with elastic wrist.
• The coat is stitched with flame retardant and mechanically strong Kevlar thread.

• The pant is designed to offer maximum protection with limited discomfort to the user.
• The pant is provided with heavy duty elastic at the waist and suspenders with loop for fit adjustment & elastic at the bottom.
• Throughout the garment's manufacturing, FR thread is employed.

Hood with visor
• The hood is designed to cover the full head area and overlapping the shoulder along with the tinted polycarbonate visor.
• The hood is provided with two fastening arrangements to hold the hood firmly on the head.

• The gloves is designed to give maximum comfort with high level of protection five finger hand gloves.

Design Of The Shoe Cover
• The shoe cover is designed to offer the user complete protection with maximum comfort.
• The shoe cover is provided with three fastening arrangements for better fit and comfort

• Chemical Industries, Oil Gas, Cement Industries, also can be use for pressure steam application

• EN 11612, ISO 15025 & 388
• ISO 9151
• ISO 6942, ISO 6530
• ISO 17493, ISO 13937-2.