Flare Defend Fire Fighting Suit

Fire Fighting Suit

We at Hicare Protectivewear are leading Fire Fighting Suit manufacturer in India. Providing high quality of workwear solutions for all fire safety industries.

Being Supplier, exporter of Best Quality and certified Fire Fighting Suit, which consists of multi layers of materials - together called a composite - which is made up of an outer shell Inherent Flame Resistance fabric, second layer moisture barrier, and a thermal liner quilted with FR.

The Fire Suit manufactured by Hicare Safety includes coat and pant, helmet, hood, boots, gloves, facemask.

The Fire Fighting outfit costume is made of the Inherent blend fabric, and it works hard to keep the firefighters safe on the inside and outside. Helping to protect fire fighters against the burn injuries from high temperature, contact.

Being manufacturer & exporter of Fire Fighting Suit , we are supplying to many others reputed and MNC Industries and customised design and size can be done as per the customer requirements.

Technical Specification of Fire Fighting Suit

Flame-Retardant Shell / Interior Basket / Chin Strap; Puncture Resist; Retractable PC face protector; Neck protection, Reflective and Luminescence.
Outer Shell Garment made of Inherent Flame Resistance fabric from PBI Matrix Fabric
Moisture Barrier EO Liner
Thermal Barrier Woven Lining made out of aramid viscose blended fabric
Reflective Tape • 2" Wide Fire Retardant - Lime Silver Lime Reflective Trims
• Single Strip at chest area.
• Double strips at bottom of jacket.
• Double strips on sleeves of jacket.
• Double strips on bottom of pants
Fabric Construction Outer shell 200 GSM Made from Inherent Flame Resistance fabric Garment made of Inherent Flame Resistance fabric from PBI Matrix Fabric
Model HCS -NFS 101

EN 13911 Firefighting Balaclava Hood
Made of 50% Aramid + 50% Viscose Blended fabric.

EN 659 Fire Fighting Hand Gloves
The upper material is beef hide split with special treatment against high temperature, penetration of water and oils gloves.

EN 15090 Firefighting Boots
Vulcanized Rubber & Sole Certified to ISO 20345 &EN 15090.

Suit Consist Of
EN 469 Jacket & Trouser
EN 443 Helmet
EN 15090 Boots
EN 659 Hand Gloves
EN 13911 Balaclava Hood

Our Fire Fighting Suit comes in Jacket & Trouser style which is made of inherent flame resistance fabric.
The outer shell is flap conceals the zipper and has a velcro for extra protection.
For high visibility, two-inch 50 MM certified FR fluorescent reflective tape is applied on chest round, Arms round of jacket.
The entire pant is held in place by adjustable FR suspenders and at the bottom of trouser 50 MM fluorescent reflective tape.
Throughout the garments manufacturing FR accessories and thread is used.

Application Of Fireman Suit
1. Structural Firefighting: Firefighters wear their turnout gear while responding to structural fires in buildings, homes, and other enclosed spaces. The suit protects them from heat, flames, smoke, and falling debris.
2. Vehicle Fires: When responding to vehicle fires, firefighters wear their turnout gear to shield themselves from the intense heat and potential explosion hazards from fuel and other flammable materials
3. Rescue Operations: Fireman suits are also worn during rescue operations, such as extricating people from vehicles involved in accidents or rescuing individuals from hazardous environments

Test & Certifications CE- Certified As Per (European Standard)

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