Ceramic Vermiculite Coated Welding Blanket


Hi CARE SAFETY is a specialist welding blanket manufacturer. The welding blanket we make is used in welding safety to protect industry workers and equipment from welding sparks, heat and molten metal.

HI CARE SAFETY, the welding blankets are manufactured from fabrics that are heat and flame resistant. Our welding safety equipment offers high-level protection from dangers like drops of molten metal, welding sparks and slag. Hence, these blankets can be used in the automobile, shipbuilding, construction, engineering, and many such industries where welding safety is required.

  • Ceramic fire welding blanket is coated with vermiculite and re-in forced with SS wires.
  • The blanket is 3MM thick, stitched and seamed with fibreglass tapes on edges.
  • Riveted with metal eyelets.
  • This welding blanket is used at 1260°C at Continuous working temp, melting above 1650°c.
  • Testing and certification As per ASTM D 3776 IS1969, IS11871

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