Cryogenic Hand Gloves

Cryogenic Hand Gloves

We, Hicare Safety Solutions are leading manufacturer of CRYOPROTEC™ Cryogenic gloves  based in Mumbai, India, as well as exporters to many countries.

The product manufacturer by Hicare CRYOPROTEC™ Cryogenic gloves are multi layer insulated cryo gloves designed to protect hands when handling extremely cold materials down to temperature.

Being, manufacturer and supplier of Cryogenic Hand Gloves we provide quality gloves.

These gloves are worn when processing frozen food, working in blood banks and labs, and when handling liquid nitrogen, dry ice and other cryogens.

Material & Design Composition

• Multilayer Insulated cryo gloves
• Water-repellent silicone cowhide grain leather glove
• Fully lined with 2 aluminium/fleece layers
• Gunn cut, winged thumb, crispin type
• Reinforcement between thumb and index

1. Dipping into liquid nitrogen
2. Ice cold
3. Pharmaceutical Research
4. Medical & Hospital Laboratories
5. Industrial
6. Food Industries
7. Blood bags

Tested & Certified As Per European Standards
Cryogenic Hand Gloves

  E88 : 1994 Protection against Mechnical Hazards
  EN 420 1994 – General Requirements
  EN 511 - Protection Against the Cold

Protection Level:
1. Abrasion resistance out of four levels
  2. Blade Cut resistance out of five levels
  3. Tear resistance out of four levels

Thermal Hazards :
Convective cold out of four level