Cryogenic Hand Gloves

Cryogenic Hand Gloves

CRYOPROTEC™ Cryogenic gloves are multi layer insulated cryo gloves designed to protect hands when handling extremely cold materials down to temperature.

Cryogenic gloves are specialized gloves designed to provide protection against extremely low temperatures, typically encountered in cryogenic applications. Cryogenic temperatures are those below -150 degrees Celsius (-238 degrees Fahrenheit), and materials and equipment exposed to such low temperatures can pose risks, including frostbite and other cold-related injuries. Cryogenic gloves are essential for individuals working with cryogenic liquids or handling materials in environments where extreme cold is a concern.

These gloves are worn when processing frozen food, working in blood banks and labs, and when handling liquid nitrogen, dry ice and other cryogens. It's important to note that in addition to wearing cryogenic gloves, individuals working with cryogenic materials should also use other appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as face shields, safety glasses, and insulated clothing, depending on the specific hazards associated with their tasks.

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Cryogenic Hand Gloves Specification
• Multilayer Insulated cryo gloves
• Water-repellent silicone cowhide grain leather glove
• Fully lined with 2 aluminium/fleece layers
• Gunn cut, winged thumb, crispin type
• Reinforcement between thumb and index

1. Dipping into liquid nitrogen
2. Ice cold
3. Pharmaceutical Research
4. Medical & Hospital Laboratories
5. Industrial
6. Food Industries
7. Blood bags

Tested & Certified As Per European Standards
Cryogenic Hand Gloves

  E88 : 1994 Protection against Mechnical Hazards
  EN 420 1994 – General Requirements
  EN 511 - Protection Against the Cold

Protection Level of Cryogenic Hand Gloves:
1. Abrasion resistance out of four levels
2. Blade Cut resistance out of five levels
3. Tear resistance out of four levels

Here are some key features and considerations for cryogenic gloves: :
1. Insulation: Cryogenic gloves are heavily insulated to provide effective thermal protection against extreme cold. They are often made from multiple layers of insulating materials to minimize heat transfer.
2. Flexibility: Despite their insulation, cryogenic gloves are designed to be flexible to allow for dexterity and ease of movement. This is crucial for tasks that require precision, especially in laboratory or industrial settings.
3. Waterproofing: Cryogenic gloves are often waterproof to protect the hands from exposure to cryogenic liquids. Waterproofing is essential to prevent the risk of frostbite or other injuries associated with contact with extremely cold liquids.
4. Safety Standards: Cryogenic gloves may be designed to meet specific safety standards, depending on the industry and the nature of the work being performed. Compliance with standards ensures that the gloves provide the necessary protection.