Cold Storage Suit

Cold Storage Suit
    Cold Protection freezer suit

We Hicare Protectivewear leading Fire Entry Suit manufacturer and exporter based in India.

We supply Fire Entry Suit with high levels of protection and comfort, as well as proper membrane fabric and respirators for fire extinguishing purposes. Fire Entry Suit made of multi-layer fabrics construction for protection against the fire & heat, having the provision of breathing apparatus on the back side of jacket.

As a manufacturer of Fire Entry Suit, our mission is to always provide high-quality clothes so that the wearer may work comfortably.

A person in a fire entry suit can enter the flames and undertake fire fighting to save the person. Aluminised Fire Entry Suit have outer layers that reflect radiant heat, helping to keep the wearer cooler and reduce the risk of burns.

Technical Specification For Cold Protection Suit
• Outer shell made of special aluminised para-aramid blend fabric tested as per NFPA 1971 standard.
• PTFE Moisture Barrier fabric
• Thermal Barrier blend quilted with inherent flame resistance fabric.
• Flame resistance fleece fabric Flame resistance fleece fabric.
Suit Consists Of
• Jacket & Trouser made aluminised para-aramid blend fabric having facility of B.A Set on back side.
• Five fingers hand gloves protection against the radiant heat.
• hood consists of a very special grade glass visor which has Original 24 Carat Gold Vapour depositions in order to resist very high radiant heat.
• Overshoes: The shoes should have back side double fasting, and Velcro fasting belt for shoe inside the aluminised overcoat.

Weight Of Fire Entry Suit: The weight of whole suit approximately 12 KG

Temperature Of Fire Entry Suit :
Ambient Heat 815°C
Aluminised radiant heat resist 1650°C
Total Flame Resistance 1093°C

Certification : Tested as per EN 1486 standard

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