Aluminised Suit

Aluminised Suit

India-based Hicare Protectivewear is a top producer of aluminum fire suits .

A trusted manufacturer of aluminum fire suits is a specific type of personal protective equipment (PPE) meant to shield emergency responders, industrial workers, and firemen from heat-related risks including flames and severe heat. Modern materials and construction methods are used in the engineering of aluminium fire suits to guarantee the wearer's safety and comfort in hot conditions.

We are a significant manufacturer, producer, and exporter of aluminum fire suits to Oman, Dubai, the Maldives, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, among other nations. The suit's outer layer of aluminum ensures that a large quantity of radiant heat is reflected away, lowering the risk of heat-related job injuries.

We provide a range of aluminum fire suit designs to meet diverse industrial requirements and applications. As suppliers of firefighter suits, we provide the following varieties of aluminum fire suits, which come in multilayer options such as two, three, and four layers. When it comes to protecting those who face severe heat and flames, our aluminized fire proximity suits are the highest level of safety and dependability. Our suits, made with the latest innovations and high-quality materials, are intended to protect firemen, industrial workers, and emergency responders from the harshest situations.

Specification of Aluminised Fire Suit

Outer Shell Made out of 460 GSM Premium Aluminized Para-aramid knitted blend fabric tested & certified as per latest European norms EN ISO 11612:2015 & meet the class A1,A2, B2, C4,D3, E3.
Middle Layer Neoprene quoted Fabric as vapour barrier for water proof performance.
Inner Layer: Inherently non-woven lining for better protection
Inner Layer: 100% Cotton FR Fabric certified to EN ISO 11612 A1, B1, C1, C4
Fabric Construction Premium Quality 460 GSM
Suit Consist Jacket & Trouser, Hood with Visor, Five fingers Hand Gloves, Boots

Design And Features
• Jacket with FR zipper concealed by Flap outer shell with Velcro provision for extra protection.
• Trouser with elastic on waist & adjustable FR suspender.
• Hood With Visor Fireman Helmet as per IS-2745.
• Gloves with woollen & FR lining and insulation.
• Shoes with Superior quality Neoprene sole with oil skid and heat resistance
• The entire garment is stitched with mechanically strong aramid thread confirming to EN 388, EN 407 thread.
• Size: Free size allowing one size to fit all
• Passes Level : A1,B1,C4,D3,E3,F1.
• Temperature Of Aluminised Suit : Radiant Heat 1200 to 1400°C

Applications of Aluminized Fire Proximity Suits:
Firefighting : Our suits are specifically designed to protect firefighters from the intense heat and flames they encounter in the line of duty, enabling them to focus on saving lives and property.
Industrial Safety : Workers in industries with high-temperature processes, such as foundries, steel mills, and chemical plants, can rely on our suits to shield them from potential hazards.
Emergency Response : From hazardous material handling to search and rescue missions, our suits provide crucial protection for emergency responders facing challenging scenarios.

Why Choose Our Aluminized Fire Proximity Suits?
1. Optimal Thermal Insulation: The multi-layered design of our suits ensures exceptional thermal insulation. The inner layers act as a barrier, minimizing heat transfer and keeping the wearer safe and comfortable.

2. Easy Maintenance: Our aluminized fire proximity suits are designed for practicality. They are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that they remain in top-notch condition throughout their lifespan.

3. Enhanced Mobility: We understand the importance of agility in critical situations. Our suits are thoughtfully engineered to allow maximum freedom of movement, enabling the wearer to perform their duties efficiently and effectively.

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