Aramid Heat Resistant Hand Gloves


We Hi Care Safety leading manufacturer of Heat Resistance Hand Gloves in India, Mumbai. as well as exporting to the different countries.

Hi-Care Safety Solutions has produced Full Para-aramid Heat Resistant Hand Gloves. These are gloves that are worn when the contact heat temperature is high enough to cover your entire hand. Para-aramid Heat Resistant Hand Gloves provide the best assurance to the user.

Full Para-aramid gloves resist abrasion, but the primary motivation for using the fibre is its strong heat resistance. Gloves constructed of para-aramid fibres are frequently used in factories, foundries, and other industries where workers are subjected to extremely high temperatures, open flames, and other jobs requiring flame-resistant PPE. Manufacturer & Supplier of Full Para-aramid Heat Resistance Hand Gloves in India. In addition to flame-resistance, protective equipment made of para-aramid fibers also offer cut resistance.

Para-Aramid Hand Gloves of special fabric to obtain the following combination of features

Specifications • Outer layer: made out of 750 GSM heavy duty Kevlar fabric.
• Second layer: woollen felt insulation & five finger with thumb area & rest of portion is made from very soft & strong pure para-aramid fabric.
• Third Layer: 100% cotton flame resistance fabric.
• Temperature Heat Resistance withstands up to 1000 °C.
• Size: 14" & Can Be customized as per requirement.
Certification • Contact Heat as per EN 702
• Convective Heat as per EN 367
• Radiant Heat as per EN ISO 6942:2002
• Large quantities of molten metal, method: EN 373
• Standard: EN 388, EN 407, EN 373

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