Aluminised Full Sleeves Aprons

Aluminised Full Sleeves Aprons

Hi Care Safety Solutions is leading manufacturer & Exporter based in India, Mumbai. Our Aluminized Heat protection apron reflect 95% of the heat and protect wearers front body against radiant heat, Molten metal splashes in near foundry, steel plants, smelting houses.

Being a reputed Aluminized Full sleeves apron Manufacturer. We manufacture heat protective apron on different designs and style which give safety with comfort to user ibn high heat and extreme temperature conditions. Safety of our users is our top priority. This is the reason why our Heat Resistance Apron give protection up to 1600c radiant heat protection.

Hi Care Safety Solutions is supplier of Aluminized Apron , which was created using the most advance fabrics like aluminised aramid, aluminised rayon, aluminised peox aramid .

In addition to ease of use, we have even secured our clients' safety. Aluminized Apron methods are effective in managing heat control capacity and boosting fire Safety when compared to other heat protection solutions.

The Fire PPE and Molten Metal PPE protects against molten metal splash and splatter while also reflecting a significant amount of radiant heat, keeping the wearer safe.

Aluminised heat resistance Apron essential for protecting arms, ankles and the head against dangers like a radiant flame or molten metal splash.

Specifications of the Aluminized Heat Resistance Full Sleeves Apron

Material Composition
Outer Layer Made out of 440 GSM imported aluminized glass fibre fabrics reflect 95% radiant heat.
Inner Layer: 100% Cotton FR Fabric certified to EN ISO 11612 , A1, B1, C1, C4

Design & Features:
Full sleeves with back side open apron for better breathability & Comfort in extreme hot condition
The entire apron is stitched with mechanically strong aramid thread confirming to EN 388, EN 407 thread.
Apron comes with Velcro provision on back side for size adjustment

Advantages of the Aluminized Apron :
It will in general be used for cover against unbearable temperature.
It could only be used against hot steam, fluid metal sprinkle threats, and defence conditions.
Ideal for use in situations like Furnace, petrochemical factories to create incredible warmth, streaks, and hot liquid.

Application Foundries, Metallurgy Industries, Steel Plant, protection against the radiant heat.

• EN ISO 11612:2015
• Passes Level- A1,B1,C4,
•Lightest Solution In Aluminized PPE.
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