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IFR Coverall

Hicare Safety Solution, a well-known and reputable manufacturer of IFR Coverall in Abu Dhabi, The Hicare Flare Defend™ IFR coveralls protect workers against flash fires in the petrochemical, oil and gas, and refinery verticals. The premium range of flame-resistant protective gear is especially made to shield wearers from flame-related injuries when they're around flammable substances, chemicals, and arc flash risks.

Reason to choose Hicare Flare Defend Coverall
We Hicare Safety manufacturer & exporter in Abu Dhabi of best & hight quality IFR Coverall manufacturer, being IFR Coverall supplier in Abu Dhabi our primary goal is always to provide the user superior quality with good comfort, durability, also meet & compliance the safety standard.

IFR Coverall Manufacturer In Abu Dhabi
Hicare Safety one of the largest IFR Coverall Supplier in Abu Dhabi. our IFR Coverall made of different Fabric blend like 93% Meta Aramid, 5% Para Aramid and 2% Antistatic - 150 GSM

The purpose of our IFR coveralls is to shield workers from rising heat, Front and side pockets are sewed into the coveralls, this coverall are really comfortable to wear and also safeguard the workforce from the dangerous Hazardous.

Because we are technically capable of producing high-quality products, we are able to offer end-to- end protective wear solutions, including exposure to the global market and quality certificates for our products, exposure to the international market and quality of certificate as per the products.

We have a wide range of NFPA 2112 certifications, Or fabric garments GSM is between 150 to 450 GSM, garments are available , many customization design and size are available as per the requirements.

We supply Flare DefendT IFR Coverall to several well-known companies in the Oil & Gas sector, making it the most effective protection against flame risks.

Exporting best quality IFR Coverall supplier in Abu Dhabi
Premium Quality IFR Coverall Manufacturer in Abu Dhabi, we ensure that we supply customers with highly excellent quality workwear. As an IFR Coverall manufacturer in Abu Dhabi, we ensure that the consumer will receive incredibly high-quality workwear. We are pleased to support the oil and gas industry by exporting IFR Coverall from Abu Dhabi.

As a leading IFR Coverall manufacturer in Abu Dhabi, meets all applicable EN ISO 11612 Standards, including NFPA 2112 and EN 1149.

A specialized range of protective clothing designed to protect against flame-related injuries when workers are in close proximity to chemicals, flammable materials, and potential arc flash hazards. This apparel is constructed of inherent flame-resistant fabric and is lightweight. It offers great protection against flames (Code A), convective heat (Code B), radiant heat (Code C), and contact heat (Code F). There are multipurpose pockets, an elastic waistband for the perfect fit, and three stitches over locking seams in this assortment. The range offers compliance and durability according to the FR thread stitching. Moreover, high visibility reflective tapes with 360-degree reflectivity are provided.

In Abu Dhabi, we are a leading supplier of IFR Coverall.

IFR Coverall specification
• Material: Single layer coverall made of Inherent flame resistance blend.
• Composition: 93% Meta aramid , 5% Para Aramid , 2% Antistatic
• Weight: 150 GSM 5% g/m.
• Size: Small, Medium, Large and extra - large OR Custom size & design.
• Colour: Orange, Navy Blue, Khaki, Royal, Red .

IFR Coverall Design
• Design A single coverall
• Metal snap closure, full sleeve cuff, and two-way zipper.
• There are two flapped chest pockets and one pen pocket on the sleeves.
• A tool pouch on the right leg.
• Two side pockets that concealed the inner access.
• Two back pockets with flaps and Velcro closure.
• Use EN 471-certified one-inch FR silver reflective tape over the shoulder, sleeves, and bottom for optimal visibility.
• Elasticized waistband
• FR thread is utilized in the construction of the garment

Application Uses Of IFR Coverall and Flame-retardant Coverall:
IFR Coverall can be used in many different applications, such as chemical plants, the welding and metal industry, utilities, oil and gas sectors, petrochemicals, military, and electrical utilities.

Certification of IFR Coverall :
Certified in accordance to
NFPA 2112
Arc Rating 4 Cal (ATPV)

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